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About Crio


For thousands of years, the Maya of Central America prepared a chocolaty drink called ka'kao – the drink of the gods. Served to kings in golden cups, the ancients knew of its power to rejuvenate and restore. The original recipe was simple – ground cocoa beans and water. Ka’kao was passed down from generation to generation until Cortes landed in the New World…and it was lost.

Three centuries later, a Quaker family named Cadbury tried to reinvent the drink. Cocoa was an amazing, new commodity and they thought they could make it into a nutritious chocolaty drink, one that would be an alternative to alchohol. In the end, they were unsuccessful and the Cadbury family eventually turned to making “eating chocolate”.

Recently, the son of a chocolate maker decided to try a new approach to this most ancient chocolate drink.

Eric Durtschi grew up in a tiny town in rural Tennessee. His father worked for Russell Stover, America’s largest producer of boxed chocolates. Eric demonstrated a knack for inventing his own recipes at an early age, experimenting with the properties of cocoa powder and baking powder, investigated the differences between shortening and butter, seeing what role they played in making the finished product.

As he grew, his love for science took him to chiropractic school, where he learned about chemistry, physiology, nutrition and biology. One day, his passion for chocolate and science collided. "What if cocoa beans could be brewed just like coffee beans?" His investigation began immediately.

Eric began speaking with cocoa growers from all over the world, searching for the beans with the most complex and intense flavors. He tested all sorts of methods to roast and grind these cocoa beans until he came upon the perfect combination. It worked! The intense, complex flavors of the finest cocoa beans can be enjoyed when brewed into a healthy, delicious, chocolaty drink.

On 10/10/10, Crio Inc. was officially launched. Named after the finest and rarest cocoa bean – the Criollo – Crio Brü let’s you experience the drink of the gods. And then, like the kings and peoples of the great American civilizations, you too will find yourself enchanted by its unbelievable taste and energizing effect.