Created by the ancient Incas and rediscovered for today, Crio Bru is the ultimate superfood, a delicious all-natural coffee alternative made from the finest fair trade cocoa beans, roasted and ground and brewed just like coffee. But unlike coffee, it’s 99% caffeine free, high in antioxidants and theobromine for a focused, Honest Energy™ boost that will keep you feeling great all day, without jitters or sleeplessness.

As for the taste and aroma, it’s like the best dark chocolate; enjoy it with your favorite sweetener or creamer, or just as it is, hot or iced: natural, earthy, uplifting!

Crio Bru
New to Crio Bru? Want proof it’s as great as we say?
Try our Crio Challenge!

      1. Get yourself a package of Crio Bru, now in 8 delicious flavors Start Shopping
      2. Enjoy a fresh-brewed cup every day for 10 days.
      3. Watch your focus improve, your appetite reduce and enjoy the energy boost without the sleeplessness of caffeine.  
      4. We’re so sure you’ll experience the pleasures and genuine health benefits of Crio, we’re willing to refund your purchase if you don’t! (Some restrictions apply*).

Take the Crio Challenge!

Drink a cup every day for 10 days, and enjoy:

      1. More Energy
        The natural Theobromine in cocoa boosts your energy and gives you a gentle lift that lasts all day.
      2. Increased Focus
        Be sharper and more focused on tasks.
      3. Reduced Appetite
        Trying to lose weight? Crio can help!


Ready, set, Crio!

Can you meet the Challenge?
We love when folks share their results! Email us at challenge@CrioBru.com or Like us on Facebook, and let us know how you fare!


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