Crio, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Dr. Eric Durtschi, an insightful entrepreneur who wanted to share his discovery of brewed cocoa beans as a healthy and delicious alternative to coffee.

Named after the famed criollo cocoa beans, Crio’s flagship product is Crio Bru, 100% roasted and ground cocoa beans that are brewed like coffee. The inspiration for this drink originated thousands of years ago by the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. It was served to kings and prized for its energizing and restorative properties. In more recent times it has been supplanted by coffee but as we realize the many negatives of caffeine, the search for a new, healthier drink began. Crio Bru is the original hot drink of kings and is now available for everyone.

Dr. Durtschi travels the world to locate the finest cacao plantations producing the smoothest, most flavorful beans. He is also the inventor of a new roaster and grinder design that optimizes the brewing process to produce a consistently great cup of Crio. Now that’s commitment you can believe in!