Our simple mission is to help you rediscover how wonderful chocolate can be. It begins, naturally, with superior cocoa beans from the fertile farmlands of South and Central America. There we have built strong relationships with many native farmers, discovering many of the world’s finest bean varieties and working directly with the farmers to perfect techniques for their growing, harvesting and natural processing.


Taino Secret – Dominican Republic

Taino Secret is from the Dominican Republic and is made from an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean; the Dominican Republic has long been known for its superior quality cocoa beans and we have found some of the very best. These beans are truly a “hidden gem,” resulting in chocolate that is sure to take your taste to new frontiers.

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Tepui Treasure 70% – Rio Caribe, Venezuela

Tepui Treasure is made from a delightful cocoa bean from Rio Caribe, Venezuela. This variety has typically been a mix of strains from many plantations and regions, but we have been able to locate 2 plantations in the region that produce superior cacao and have worked with them on their post-harvest practices in order to fully develop these amazingly great cocoa beans.

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Defiant Viajero – Chuao, Venezuela

Defiant Viajero (“Defiant Traveler”) is a 40% milk chocolate using the most famous cocoa bean in the world from Chuao, Venezuela. Durci is the only chocolatier currently making a milk chocolate out of this bean, offering all of the complexity Chuao is known for while maintaining the smooth sweet flavor many people unaccustomed to dark chocolate desire. .

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Empryrean Sabor 70% – Carenero, Venezuela

Empyrean Sabor (“Heavenly Flavor”) is made from a cocoa bean grown in the Carenero Valley, a bean that epitomizes Venezuelan cacao but is not typically used in premium chocolate. Durci has been working with a plantation there for several years to change the way this bean is processed, yielding superior quality and flavor.

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Corona Arriba 70% – Ecuador

Corona Arriba (“The Crown Above”) is made with a Nacional cocoa bean variety from the highlands of Ecuador. This fine bean is part of “Proyecto Dream,” a project that incentivizes cacao farmers with premium prices to continue to grow heirloom quality cacao. Although new varieties can be more productive and more disease-resistant, they simply do not produce the complex flavor of the original heirloom trees.

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Joya Rara – Maranon, Peru

Joya Rara (“Rare Jewel”) is a limited edition bar from Marañon, Peru. Made from a special heirloom cocoa bean rediscovered several years ago, there are only a handful of chocolatiers in the world privileged to use this bean. Composed of roughly 40% white beans, this novel variety has a characteristic light orange-brown color with a taste that is slightly sweeter than most cocoa beans.

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