Crio Bru is the 100% natural, 100% pure, 100% incredible drink made from 100% cacao beans, roasted and ground to perfection and brewed just like coffee. Named after the Criollo – the most prized of cacao beans – Crio Bru will delight you with its complex chocolatey flavors, subtle aromas and balanced, antioxidant-rich health benefits!

Both new and ancient, Ka’kao was an everyday drink of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America for centuries – the great Incas, Mayans, Olmecs and Aztecs. And now its incredible health properties have been rediscovered for life today.


How do I brew it?

Crio Bru is made any way that traditional coffee is brewed. You can make it in a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent gold filter (not paper), or in a French Press. To brew a strong cup of Crio, think hotter and longer. Set your auto-drip to brew slowly or brew it 10-12 minutes in a French Press with boiling water. Drink it “black” with nothing added or experiment with your favorite creamer and sweetener. Feeling adventurous? Try a dash of cinnamon, or even mix it with ground coffee to make an incredible Crio Mocha.

What are the health benefits of Crio Bru?

Enabling you to lead a healthier and happier life, Crio Bru is the ultimate superfood. It is low in calories and contains no sugar, no fat, no dairy, no sodium, no gluten, no soy, no cholesterol and practically no caffeine, while being extremely high in antioxidants, theobromine, magnesium and a host of other vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Doctors and dieticians have told us about the benefits of dark chocolate for years, and now Crio Bru has emerged as an exciting, healthy new way to enjoy them every day.

The natural, non-addictive energy boost you get from drinking Crio is a product not of caffeine (a common misconception), but from theobromine, an amazing compound that provides focused, mild, long-lasting energy, as well as acting as a natural appetite suppressant and fat blocker for those trying to lose weight. After a cup of Crio in the morning, you’ll feel great all day, without caffeine’s “jitters and crash” effects.

How else can I enjoy Crio Bru?
  • Drink it as a low calorie snack to curb your appetite
  • Blend with your favorite coffee to reduce acidity and caffeine
  • Try it over ice for a cool summer drink
  • Add it to desserts and recipes
  • Relax with a hot cup of crio at night without fear of sleeplessness
Can I reuse the grounds?

Yes, similar to coffee grounds, Crio Bru grounds make great compost; they contain iron and magnesium that make a good additive to your soil. However, please ensure that pets don’t get into the soil, as it could be very harmful or even fatal.  Crio Bru is chocolate, which contains theobromine & is toxic to dogs.

Crio Bru grounds also make an excellent skin exfoliant. Or add them to shakes or your favorite recipes for added nutrition and fiber!