5 thoughts on “First Post coming soon…

  1. Frank says:

    Do the benefits of Cocoa beans accrue only from brewing or can they be acquired by consuming the beans without brewing? I use the French Press and the brew is aways cold by the time the steeping time is complete. I could also brew the beans in my morning coffee by adding the beans to my cup. But the beans are very good and it seems the antioxidants could be acquired that way.

    • Kurt Witt says:

      You do still get the benefits without brewing. We have many people tell us they add the grounds straight into their smoothies.

  2. Shawn says:

    I was wondering how long can you keep the used grounds in the refrigerator? I keep wanting to make something with them but haven’t had a chance

  3. Frank says:

    do not waste the leftover grounds, they actually have a somewhat pleasant taste. I put them in my morning coffee and eat them when I am out of coffee.

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